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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Mumbai

Hypnotherapist in Mumbai -
Dr Sharmila Dhobale

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What is Hypnotherapy?

We all live in many trances of our own beliefs, emotional grip and dysfunctional behaviours. To break this trance and get into present moment; clinical hypnotherapy helps.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and psychological treatment whereby a trained professional such as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, or even a Medical Doctor.

It’s a psychological state where the patient gets into a relaxed state of mind where the therapist communicates with the subconscious part of the human brain of a patient. It is a connector between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind which can be referred to as a trans-like state. By this method, Psychologist access deeply buried memories, repressed memories, and experiences through which psychologists can identify the root cause of mental health problems.

Reach out to a skilled Hypnotherapist in Mumbai today, and let her guide you towards reducing chronic and acute pain, conquering your phobias or fears, alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms and improving your relationships. You don’t have to carry the weight of traumatic events any longer. Your journey to healing starts today.

Take the first step towards a brighter and happier future. 

Hypnotherapist in Mumbai

What are benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

It can help to reduce following issues:
(Note: List is inclusive and not exhaustive)

  • Reduced chronic and acute pain
  • Management of phobias or fears
  • Reduced anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • Self-esteem and relationship issues
  • Help to identify traumatic events and let go off it, feeling much lighter and destressed

What you can expect

Before you begin, certified Hypnotherapist explains the process of hypnosis and reviews your treatment goals. Then the Hypnotherapist typically begins by talking in a gentle, soothing tone, describing images that create a sense of relaxation, security and well-being.
When you’re relaxed and calm, therapist suggests ways for you to achieve your goals. That may include, for example, ways to ease pain or reduce cravings to smoke.

The provider also may help you visualize vivid, meaningful mental images of yourself accomplishing your goals. When the session is over, you may be able to bring yourself out of hypnosis on your own. Or your health care provider may help you gradually and comfortably increase your alertness.

Positive Results

Hypnotherapy can be effective in helping people cope with pain, stress, and anxiety. Hypnotherapy may be effective as part of a larger treatment plan for quitting smoking or losing weight.

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