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Relationship Issue and Family Constellation

Let’s Understand How a Group Session of Family and Systemic Constellation helped the couple to understand and resolve the Relationship issue. Through the power of Family Constellation Therapy, the couple embarked on a journey that unveiled hidden truths, acknowledged generational patterns, and ultimately embraced a path towards wholeness.

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A man laying down bed facing sleep disorder due to Anxiety, Stress, worry

Sleep Disorder

It delves into common sleep problems, their causes, and discusses how mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and trauma can disrupt sleep patterns

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Phobia Treatment in Mumbai

Phobia Disorder and Treatment

A phobia is an anxiety disorder, feeling fearful, defined by a persistent and intense fear of an object or situation like water, spiders etc. Many times it needs a help to come out of it.

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Psychology of comparison

Comparison kills uniqueness!

When parents compare children to siblings or other children; children develop inferiority complex. Low self-esteem and a belief, ‘I am not good enough.’

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